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Your job questions answered

Your job questions answered

We have more than 50 industry experts on hand to answer your job-related questions.

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Video resumes?

@marcobuscaglia Are video resumes worth doing? Or are they too narcissistic? #callingallgrads
--Question from twitter user @mattmaldre

Greg Pulier, co-founder of Interactive Video Technologies, a video webcasting company, says when it comes to video resumes, there’s a thin line between tasteful and tacky. For instance, wearing a suit and tie to a job interview is much more...
iTunes highlights "Calling All Grads"

iTunes highlights “Calling All Grads”

Apple featured “Calling All Grads!” in the Business & Personal Finance section of iTunes.... Read more

Job advice for college graduates

Job advice for college graduates

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"Calling All Grads!" now available on Amazon

“Calling All Grads!” now available on Amazon

We are very glad to announce “Calling All Grads! Turning a Degree into a Job” is available on the Amazon’s Kindle.... Read more