About “Calling All Grads”

“Calling All Grads! Turn a Degree into a Job” is the new eBook from Tribune Media Services (TMS), edited by Marco Buscaglia, TMS editor and content manager who has overseen the creation of thousands of career-related stories over the last decade.

In a still-struggling economy, “Calling All Grads! Turn a Degree into a Job” is the comprehensive guide to finding a job and to being successful in that job. For the newly minted college graduate (and the parents who want these grads out of their house), the book offers real insight from employers, career experts and coaches and college officials, as well as thoughtful, often humorous accounts from 20-somethings who have lived it–sharing their job search, networking and interviewing techniques (and some cringe-inducing “don’ts”).

The book also contains hot fields for employment, social networking careers and how to leverage two-year degrees and even military training. The last chapter is devoted to tips on being a star in your first job–maintaining your on-line image, maneuvering through office politics and client/co-worker lunches, and asking for outside training. Finally, it offers advice for creating a satisfying career–because your first job undoubtedly will not be your last!

About the editor Marco Buscaglia

Marco Buscaglia headshotMarco Buscaglia has worked as a reporter, producer, editor and college press service manager at Tribune Company since 1994. His stories have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times and the Miami Herald, among others. Since he began working on the employment content pages for Tribune Media Services (TMS) in 2001, Buscaglia estimates he’s assigned, written and edited more than 2,000 job-related stories. Buscaglia earned his Master’s in Writing from DePaul University and his Bachelor’s in English from Illinois State University. Buscaglia’s fiction and poetry have appeared in the Chicago Reader, Druid’s Cave and other publications. In addition to working as an editor and content manager at TMS, Buscaglia is an adjunct composition instructor at Roosevelt University. He lives in Chicago with his wife and their four children.